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The Amazon Affiliate Program is extremely popular with bloggers who want to monetize their blog by recommending products.

Known to be simple to set up, profitable, it is very attractive, especially when you want to get started in smooth monetization.

I have been using the Amazon Affiliate Program for more than 6 years, so I decided to offer you a guide on the subject and to present the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon affiliation.

How does Amazon affiliate work?

The Amazon affiliation is pretty easy to understand: you sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program with your site; this registration gives you access to tools to link to products sold on Amazon that you select.

Each time a reader goes through your link to make purchases on Amazon, you earn a commission, a percentage of the sale that depends on the nature of the product sold.

Once you reach a earnings threshold, you can receive your compensation in the form of money ... or a gift certificate to spend on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Benefits of Amazon Membership

  • It's very simple to set up - Once your registration is validated, you can very easily create a link to the products in the Amazon catalog.
  • The product catalog is vast - Amazon, there are several million references in fields as varied as decoration, culture, high-tech, fashion, beauty or even home furnishings… This means that on almost n no matter what blog theme, you can find products to recommend.
  • Service is serious - As a large Amazon customer, I have to admit that I had few problems with the service in several hundred orders. A little breakage, sometimes, a few indelicate deliverers ... but Amazon has always refunded or returned the product.
  • There are few cancellations - As an Amazon affiliate, you get paid only if someone keeps their order without canceling it. Cancellations are still quite rare, unlike other affiliate programs like that of (where travelers do not hesitate to cancel hotel reservations until the last moment!).
  • You benefit from "group purchasing" - Very often with Amazon, buyers are not satisfied with a single product and beyond the one you recommend, they add others to their basket. You also get a commission on these products ... which sometimes becomes very profitable. For example, if you recommend a book (which generates a very small commission) but the person decides to buy an overpriced vacuum cleaner at the same time, to take a lived example;), you will also receive a commission on the vacuum cleaner even if it is not the product that you recommended at the start.
  • You benefit from Amazon research - Amazon is an e-commerce giant and as such does everything to maximize sales and optimize the customer experience on its site. They have UX Designers in their teams, researchers who work on the latest innovations (voice search for example) ... and as an affiliate, if you send visitors to them, you can be sure that Amazon will do their best for them. convert into customers!
  • Compensation is square - In over 6 years with the Amazon Partner Program, I have never encountered late payment / gift certificate disbursements.

And last good news: Amazon has done away with the commission cap that still existed recently!

Indeed, when a person made a purchase involving a commission greater than 10 $ for you, the amount was whatever capped at 10 $ :( Imagine for example the purchase of an American Tourister Suitcase at 495 $, with 10% commission, so in theory, you can get $ 49.5 commission… but Amazon capped your compensation at $10.

Disadvantages of Amazon Affiliation

  • The commission rate is low - The commission rate varies depending on the nature of the product you sell, between 3% and 10% of the value of the product. I have seen this rate drop drastically over the years and on some products, the gains are minimal (example: books).
  • The rejection of Amazon - I am a big Amazon customer so it is natural for me to promote products from this site ... but in talking with those around me, I have to face the facts: many people do not buy on Amazon, either because they prefer "physical" stores for certain types of purchases (especially when it is an expensive purchase), or by "distrust" because they favor small shops at the expense of an e-commerce giant.
  • Cookie Lifetime - Like many affiliate programs, Amazon affiliate is based on a cookie. In other words, when a visitor follows your link to go to the Amazon site, a cookie (a small computer program) is placed on his computer to "remember" that this visitor went through your site before buying. It has a lifespan of 24 hours: if the person takes a long time to decide and makes a purchase beyond this niche, you will not receive any commission. Ditto if she clicks in the meantime on an affiliate link belonging to another person. On the other hand, if the person adds the product to his basket without buying it, the duration of the cookie can be extended to 89 days!

OneLink for international sites

If you have an international site, also know that you must create an account by market, that is to say by "version" of Amazon that you want to promote (for example, an account and an Amazon account .com). Indeed, the Amazon affiliate program is not international.

To overcome this drawback, Amazon still developed a useful functionality: OneLink. The principle is simple: when you create a link to a product, the user is automatically redirected to its local version of Amazon if it participates in OneLink (United States, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada and United Kingdom - United were the first countries in the program).

For the moment, OneLink is accessible from an account (American version of the site) which allows you to "connect" your accounts to other markets. The process remains quite tedious.

Remuneration and payment of commissions

The percentage of commission is indicated for each category of products on the Amazon site.

Beyond this variable commission system on sales, Amazon also offers lump-sum payments on certain products via special offers: for example, you can promote the Amazon Prime program, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Youth ... in exchange for a fixed compensation of a few dollars.

Payment is possible from a minimum amount of $28 in winnings. It can be made by direct deposit to your account (provided you have entered your bank details) or in the form of a gift certificate, which you can then use on Amazon to make your purchases. A solution that can be very practical for all individual bloggers who earn small sums!

Payment takes place two months after the month in which you reach the payment threshold. For example, if I earn $ 200 in the middle of July, I will only receive them in September. This period is very common in affiliation and on Amazon, it takes into account the buyer's withdrawal period, which often has up to 30 days to return an item that he does not like.

Finally, be aware that Amazon may decide to close your account (after 7 days notice) if it "does not show significant activity" for at least 3 years. It remains to be seen what an "important activity" is;)

You can monitor your performance in real-time from the interface of your partner account in the "Reports" section. Amazon indicates the earnings in green, the clicks in red and the items ordered in orange. You can also get an idea of ​​your conversion rate, the number of items returned by customers to Amazon, the total amount earned, or the money you earned from Amazon.
Amazon Affiliate Program

When you reach an amount of commissions to be paid more than 3000 $, Amazon will ask you to provide documents proving that you touch this money in a legal way (namely, that you have made your social and tax declarations, that you are in good standing in where employees are employed and that you are registered as a company).

Amazon Affiliate Program Registration and Terms of Use

Registration takes place on the Amazon Affiliate Program website.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The registration procedure

First, you need to create an Amazon account if you don't already have one, and then you will be prompted to follow various steps to register your site with Amazon.

The first is to provide your contact information. Next, you need to provide the address of the site (s) or mobile apps to which you are going to post links to Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Then you must fill in the profile of your sites and choose your Partner ID (your customer identifier). I recommend a neutral title because it will be common to all future sites that you will associate with your account.

It is then necessary to inform in broad outline the thematic of your site, its main subject, the type of product which you intend to put forward, the nature of the site ("Blog" is available).

You must also indicate your main source of traffic (this is not necessarily very logical because "Blogs" is one of the possibilities!) And the way in which you monetize your site.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program criteria

There are a few important things to know if you are joining the Amazon Affiliate Program.

First, even though the program is open to a wide variety of sites, it cannot be used on ...
  • Sites for adults or with violent / defamatory / illegal content.
  • A site that improperly uses the Amazon brand or a brand belonging to Amazon (eg if you create a site "" to promote the Kindle reader from Amazon, you will not be able to use the Amazon Affiliate Program).
  • A site very poor in content - Your site must offer a minimum of content before joining the Amazon Affiliate Program. If you have just created the site, do not have the reflex to register it directly on the platform and wait until you have produced qualitative content before embarking on monetization.

Amazon also pays attention to situations where more than 80% of the products ordered are free products - including ebooks. Indeed, some sites highlight a host of links to free ebooks to "bait the barge" ... hoping that he will buy something else (for a fee) on Amazon later. In this type of situation, you will not receive your remuneration for the month concerned.

Also, keep in mind that it is up to you to manage to insert Amazon affiliate links on your site ... and that Amazon will not pay you for purchases made by yourself with your own affiliate links (same if you send a link to a loved one by email or messaging!).

You must state the use of the Amazon Affiliate Program on your site, it is written in the program policies. For my part, I inserted a small sentence at the bottom of each page of the blog story so as not to forget this compulsory mention.

Also, be aware that there are situations where you cannot use affiliate links: for example, you cannot include them on a medium other than your site (send by e-mail, add in a PDF…) or use a URL shortener that hides the Amazon link (Pretty Links type plugin on WordPress, link, etc.).

I was already tricked when I started, sending affiliate links to my loved ones by email when they wanted to buy something on Amazon, I never saw the color of commissions;)

How to integrate Amazon affiliate links into your site?

Amazon offers a whole range of tools to promote its products on your site: there are banners, widgets, text or image links…

Here is an example of a banner (clickable;)) for the Amazon Prime Youth offer:
Images (Amazon banner )

And if you have an ad blocker, you will quickly notice the disadvantage of banners (from a "blogger" point of view!): They are systematically hidden.

In the "Banners" section of your Amazon Affiliate  account, you will find a host of banners corresponding to the various trading occasions of the year (sales, Christmas, Black Friday) or to the various sections.

They are provided in the form of HTML code which you can therefore very easily integrate into your site (in a widget, in your content using the HTML editor of your platform).

Amazon Affiliate Program

The simple link, a sure bet

My personal experience has gradually led me to give up banners because I find that what works best is the links embedded in content.

In my view, the user is looking for added value. It no longer clicks as easily as it once did on the first ad. He is not going to buy a product for your beautiful eyes. He is going to buy a product because it seems qualitative, interesting, in line with his needs.

Incidentally, simple links are not blocked by ad blockers, unlike banners, which works in your favor. You can also integrate them into different types of content: selections of "best products", wishlists, reviews, tutorials ...

Besides, if you really want to display a visual, nothing prevents you from creating your own visual and making it clickable so that it leads to Amazon, it will be more effective than a banner.

For example, imagine that I want to include an affiliate link in this article (how do I take advantage of the situation?!;)). I'm talking about monetization, so I could take the opportunity to talk about a book for entrepreneurs, which allows it to find its place in the face of competition and to think about how to be profitable: the book “Business Model New Generation ".

To create an affiliate link, it's very simple. I'm looking for the product on the Amazon site while logged into my account ... and I use the Partners toolbar at the top of the page to get my link, by simply clicking on"Text".

Amazon Affiliate Program

I can then copy this short link and insert it on my blog in the same way as any other link, for example by telling you about the book "Business Model New Generation" which allows you to develop your business on healthy bases. You just have to think about putting the link in nofollow, in accordance with the recommendations of Google, because it is not a natural link but a link that saves you money.

WordPress plugins dedicated to Amazon

If you plan to monetize your blog with Amazon a little more, there are WordPress plugins to go a little further.

I think the one that impressed me the most was WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates (formerly Woozone). It is a plugin that builds on WooCommerce, the WordPress e-commerce solution ... and which allows you to design a real e-commerce site based on Amazon products.

In other words, there are all the functionalities of an e-commerce site: people can add products to their basket, consult product sheets and read descriptions ... and it is only at the time of payment that they are redirected to Amazon to complete the transaction. There is a tool to import products in a few clicks, effortlessly ...

I worked on a site that used this plugin and while it had not been powered for more than a year, the site continued to generate hundreds of euros in affiliate income.

We can achieve extremely advanced things by combining different plugins: for example, if you adopt WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, you can then combine it with layout plugins for WooCommerce (like WPBakery Page Builder, associated with the Massive Addons plugin), in order to obtain an extremely qualitative product rendering.

Some sites have also developed a real business in this way. If you are curious, go to sites like, they are entirely designed to direct the visitor to an Amazon purchase.

Tools to monitor your Amazon links

One of the big limitations of the Amazon affiliate program for a webmaster is often that they cannot control the inventory status. It often happens that a product is out of stock (temporary or final).

Amazon mostly leaves the page online anyway, so you have no way of knowing that you're referring your readers to an inaccessible product. There are paid services, like clickclickbankbank, which do the work of monitoring affiliate links to alert you of those that are broken or refer to a product out of stock.

I have not tested but the principle seems interesting to avoid losing a potential customer for lack of a product to offer him.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Influencer Program, a program for influencers

In October 2019, Amazon announced the creation of the Amazon Influencer Program, which aims to allow influencers on social networks to monetize their audience. The program currently covers Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The idea is to design an Amazon page dedicated to your product recommendations ... to then redirect your subscribers to this page when you want to recommend a product to them.

If the Influencer Program is presented as a complement to the Partner program, it does, however, offer its own registration (to register, it is here) under certain conditions.

Amazon has not released details as of this writing on the exact program entry thresholds, but has specified that the criteria for acceptance into the program would take into account the number of subscribers, the engagement and relevance of content.
Validation takes a few days.

Is the Amazon affiliate program profitable?

You’ll see a lot of different opinions on the subject, simply because the profitability of an affiliate program depends very much on the work involved and a host of parameters. The advice for successful affiliation remains applicable, in particular:

  • Have traffic therefore offer rich and interesting content.
  • Have a community of visitors who trust you rather than passing people who don't know you.
  • Keep in mind that the visitor buys in the first place because they are interested in a product, not to please you. So choose products that are very relevant to your community. It is also for this reason that when you manage a site dedicated to enthusiasts of a subject, the affiliation tends to work very well; you can also use it also on pre products. -ordered!
  • Recommend a product because you have full confidence in its qualities ... or after offering an in-depth review which will allow the visitor to get an idea of ​​the product and to know if it corresponds to it.
  • Evaluate your performance to understand what works best.

On Amazon, also seize the opportunities to promote special promotions, take advantage of key periods of the year in business (especially Christmas!)...

In any case, I hope this article will help you understand the pros, cons, and opportunities of making money with the Amazon affiliate program.

If you use it, share your experience in the comments: can you make money or not? What kind of product do you promote with this program?

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